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The Risks of Taking Espionage Out of Cyber Espionage

Scott Stewart
Vice President, Tactical Analysis

Session Spotlight Graphic Scott Stewart.pngMany companies are focused on training their employees to protect against common cyber-attack tactics such as phishing and social engineering; however, if a sophisticated state or non-state actor is interested in your IP, they will not stop at cyber intrusions to get it including other espionage techniques such as:   

  • Black bag jobs
  • Recruiting human agents within the targeted company using a variety of approaches — MICE (money, ideology, compromise, ego)

As cyber defenses get better, people become the weak link in the security chain. Because of this, it is important to provide employees with training in traditional espionage in addition to cyber security training. CISOs must work closely with CSOs to ensure that they can craft an effective, holistic security program.

In this session explore how cyber attacks are often paired with other espionage techniques to increase the effectiveness of attempts to steal trade secrets, and learn how the dramatic rise in the role of cyber espionage in global economic espionage has not diminished the threat posed by traditional espionage actors.

If you want to learn more about the drivers and trends of terrorism, this is the place for you to be. Have questions or your own thoughts? Reach out on Twitter @stick631.

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