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Business Continuity Tabletop Exercise

05 September 2017

Facilitated by Department of Homeland Security specialists, InfraGard will hold a Tabletop Exercise on Business Continuity at ASIS 2017.

This Tabletop Exercise focuses on business continuity and disaster recovery after a major natural disaster event (like Hurricane Harvey) that causes regional power outages and flooding. It is designed to explore the readiness of critical infrastructure owners and operators for pre- and post-event information sharing, actions, and activities to mitigate time required for response and recovery.

The scenario focuses on a severe weather event that causes a regional power outage and flooding, damaging or threatening all local backup generators. The scenario consists of three modules: (1) Pre-incident Information Sharing and Preparedness; (2) Response; and (3) Short-Term Recovery.

Participants will examine:

  • pre-incident planning and incident intelligence and information sharing procedures between and among public and private sector stakeholders;
  • communication mechanisms that send alerts/warning to public/private sectors and employees;
  • emergency response, sustainability, recovery of systems and interdependencies; and
  • sustainability, recovery and business continuity plans and information sharing post-incident.

The Business Continuity Tabletop Exercise will be held 12:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 28. Registration is available on InfraGard's site. The event includes a boxed lunch.

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