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Bullet Resistance on the Exhibit Floor

Part I

For some people Waco, Texas means "Fixer Upper" construction and design couple Chip and Joanna Gaines. But there is another construction product out of Waco, one that I discovered on the ASIS exhibit floor called ArmorCore. This company makes ballistic resistant fiberglass panels that at a minimum can help you create a safe room in an office or home. It's less expensive than a steel bank vault but maintains impressive strength with a Class IV Forced Entry rating per ASTM standard F1233-98.

It has some nice bonuses like not blocking cell or electronic signals, so if you are sheltering in place you can still call out for help. It does not have any toxic materials, including formaldehyde, and is easy to install. Their level three panels can withstand a large missile type of flying debris you would get with an EF-5 tornado.  After the number of natural disasters we have seen this year, we could use some protection against flying things. And if it's bullets you are worried about, the product doesn't ricochet and gives you protection against a whole host of high-powered weapons.  A number of uses immediately came to mind, from Government to a household in tornado alley.  They have a website with great information; time to replace that sheetrock!

Part 2

As I was looking at the ASIS Phone App before the conference I clicked on exhibitors I wanted to visit, and BulletSafe caught my attention with their "Great Vests, Unbelievable Prices" slogan.   When you need to buy ballistic vests, you must get one for everyone who needs one, and they aren't cheap. And if you skip someone, you must be able to explain why or face those liability questions.  And then the vests expire and you need to start the process again—and you probably just order from the same place without looking at what other prices are out there. BulletSafe has shields, vests, and hats for your guard staff, executives, even your canines.

They are quite affordable, a small Level IIIA vest for $299, a Level IV ceramic plate for $169, and yes, these are new, good quality. The owner, Tom Nardone, was giving 10-second pitches with an example of a vest in front of him so you could touch it, pick it up, try it on. They mail order, are in some retailers, and you can find them online at where you can also see some videos about the product.

Larissa Lindsay

Houston Chapter