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The ASIS Accolades competition recognizes the security industry's newest, most innovative products, services, and technology solutions featured at the Seminar and Exhibits. Attendees can look, study, and compare products in the Accolades Showcase—and then visit the company's booth to see and demo the product in person. 

The 2017 winners were recognized at the Tuesday morning keynote. Attendees alsod vote for their favorite submission for the People's Choice Award, which was announced at the Thursday keynote. Check out the 2017 Accolades Winners!​

​​People's Choice Winner 

Pelco logo.jpg 

Pelco 1.jpg 

Pelco 1.jpg

VideoXpert Professional

Pelco By Schneider Electric 
Booth 2309
Video Management Solution
The newly introduced VideoXpert™ ProfessionalVMS seamlessly bridges the gap between mid-size and enterprise platforms by providing a superior user interface and robust features previously only available in enterprise versions. Tailored for small to mid-size installations of up to 100 cameras, VideoXpert Professional is designed for easy installation and provides IT-friendly windows and menus for setup and maintenance.

​​​Judge's choice winner


Cobalt logo.jpg 

Cobalt 1.jpg 



Cobalt Robotics
Booth 853
Robotics, Security Guard, Intrusion/Detection/Prevention, Physical Security, AI
Cobalt, the intelligent security robot, combines the flexibility of human pilots with the reliability of machines. It patrols autonomously, building models of ‘normal’ and flagging anomalies—people, open doors, suspicious items, water, unusual sounds, etc.—either responding autonomously or allowing remote pilots to have 2-way video chats for real-time response.

​​accolades Winners


Axis 3.jpg 

AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector

Axis Communications 
Booth 4032
Video Surveillance Technologies, Outdoor Perimeter Security, Intrusion/Detection/Prevention
AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector is an outdoor motion detector with radar technology that can provide cost-efficient perimeter protection and decrease false alarms. The AXIS D2050-VE is a great complement to existing surveillance solutions in smaller outdoor areas that need monitoring after-hours, such as warehouse perimeters and construction sites.

Bosch logo.jpg 

Bosch 1.jpg 


MIC IP Fusion 9000i

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. 
Booth 3333
Video Surveillance Technologies, IP Video Cameras, Megapixel Cameras, Thermal Imaging
MIC IP Fusion 9000i cameras combine a rugged design with intelligent video analytics for demanding environments. Metadata fusion fuses metadata from the built-in optical and thermal imagers. Even if an alarm source is not visible in the stream being watched, the camera will still detect it and alert the user.

BTU logo.png 

BTU 1.jpg 


Brownout Buddy

BTU Research 
Booth 3601
Wireless, Network Support Solutions, Ethernet UPS Injector
The Brownout Buddy is a 60W, POE injector designed to perform the functions of a conventional injector while ensuring a reliable, consistent, power supply to edge devices. A state of the art, compact, easily installed, cost effective solution for engineers and integrators to bring UPS anywhere, for uninterrupted power everywhere.

 Dedrone logo.png

Dedrone 1.jpg 

Airspace Security Solution

Booth 847
Security, Software, Counter-UAV
The Dedrone platform is a fully automatic counterdrone solution. Its optimized, multi-sensor hardware identifies drones through visual, acoustic, and frequency sensors. Noise, movement, silhouette, and RF/Wi-Fi signals are processed and evaluated with DroneTracker software. DroneTracker’s correlation and analysis of this information classifies approaching drones and triggers alarms to alert security staff.

Everbridge logo.jpg 

Everbridge 1.jpg 

Safety Connection

Booth 1101
Emergency Communication
With an increasingly mobile workforce and distributed teams, the traditional approach to physical security alone cannot keep people safe. Safety Connection, featuring the new Private Incident Zones geo-fence capability, helps businesses and organizations quickly locate and communicate with their people even when they are traveling or moving between buildings and campuses in proximity of a threat.​


Medeco 1.jpg 

Medeco XT Dual-Tech Cylinder

Booth 3203
Emergency Management, Locking Hardware, Physical Security, Electronic Locks, Access Control Lock
The Medeco XT Dual-Tech retrofit cylinder is designed for rapid-entry applications without sacrificing accountability. Combines a Medeco XT electronic cylinder and a Medeco X4 mechanical cylinder in one mortise housing. Cylinders operate independently, so access is possible using either the XT Key or the X4 key—ideal for Knox boxes and local fire departments.​

Razberi logo.jpg 

Razberi 1.jpg 

Razberi CameraDefense

Razberi Technologies
Booth 3870
Video Surveillance Technologies, Video Security Applications, Security Software, Video Management Software, Cyber Security
Razberi CameraDefense™ is a cybersecurity solution that protects IP cameras and networks by automating and scaling industry best practice cyber protections. CameraDefense is integrated into Razberi ServerSwitchIQ™ appliances, creating a video surveillance platform that guards the camera ecosystem with automated camera hardening, a secure appliance architecture, and cyber threat monitoring.

V5 logo.jpg 

V5 1.jpg 

V5 Camera Adaptive Platform (V5 CAP)

V5 Systems Inc 
Booth 4290
Security, Video Surveillance Technologies, Power Connectivity, Video Surveillance, Video and Access Management, Power Supply
Break through the status quo. Transform virtually any security camera into a portable, wireless, self-powered device that can now monitor any outdoor area—in under 30 minutes. Imagine being able to place surveillance cameras in spacious school campuses, oil pipelines and far reaching parking lots. Our V5 Camera Adaptive Platform is an ongoing power source using proprietary solar technology combined with a revolutionary power system. Quick and simple configuration gets your new system up and running in minutes. Without wires, tedious trenching will be a thing of the past.

Vismo logo.jpg 

Vismo 1.jpg 



Booth 4469
Location Tracking, Video Intelligence, Video Streaming, Crisis Communication, Smartphone Application
VismoStream allows instant transmission of live video and audio from any traveler’s Vismo-enabled smartphone, anywhere in the world, directly to the Vismo Secure Portal for live viewing, storage and download. The function relays critical real-time information to Control Center Personnel, allowing for a faster and more effective crisis response.

​​accolades ​


Ameristar 1.jpg 

MATRIX — Security Fence (Perimeter Enclosure Grid)

Ameristar Perimeter Security USA Inc.
Booth 3517
Security, Product Design, Outdoor Perimeter Security, Physical Security,  Perimeter Fence
Matrix fence is a perimeter enclosure grid with expandable design, which allows the customer to determine the level of visibility, delay, and deterrence required for their site. The Matrix framework is a platform to integrate security peripherals such as intrusion detection sensors, low voltage wiring, conduits, controller cabling, etc.

Amika logo.jpg 

Amika 1.jpg 

AMS AI Platform for Stadium and Enterprise Security

Amika Mobile Corp.
Booth 507
Security, Emergency Communication, Analytics, Crisis Management, AI
AMS AI Cloud/On-premise platform, delivers intelligent IoT security for stadium & enterprise threats leveraging unique patented device/network auto-discovery while monitoring, analyzing, and tracking massive user alert-response/location. AMS processes thousands of simultaneous events from disparate sensors including gunshot detectors, access control, or recipients triggering cascaded real-time communication on ANY layer on ANY device.


Assa Abloy 1.jpg 

Tornado-Compliant Multi-Point Locks

Booth 3203
Access Control, Locking Hardware, Access Control Lock, Doors
A tornado-compliant, multi-point lock with secure electronic access control engineered to withstand severe wind speeds and flying debris. The lock can be deployed to protect community shelters, safe rooms, corporate and educational facilities, healthcare and government campuses, 911 call stations, emergency operation centers, and other public and first-responder facilities.

AXIS logo.jpg 

Axis 1.jpg 

AXIS P1367-E Network Camera

Axis Communications
Booth 4032
Video Surveillance Technologies
With improved light sensitivity, better image quality, and higher frame rate, AXIS P1367-E Network Camera can provide up to 4K resolution images in open areas with challenging light conditions, making it ideal for city surveillance and transportation.


Axis 2.jpg 

AXIS Q865-LE PTZ Network Camera

Axis Communications
Booth 4032
Video Surveillance Technologies, Intrusion/Detection/Prevention, Monitoring Solutions
AXIS Q8685-LE PTZ Network Camera is a highly responsive and reliable positioning camera including long-range infrared illumination. Having the ability to operate in extreme temperatures and withstanding hurricane-strength winds, along with featuring an integrated long-life wiper removing raindrops, dirt, and grime, AXIS Q8685-LE is ideal for adverse environments. ​


BTU 2.jpg 

UPS SolidSwitch

BTU Research
Booth 3601
Wireless, Network Support Solutions, Ruggedized Ethernet UPS Switch, IP Surveillance Network UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply for POE
UPS SolidSwitch is a rugged, 150W, multiport switch designed to perform the functions of a conventional switch while ensuring a reliable, consistent, power supply to edge devices. A state of the art, compact, easily installed, cost effective solution for engineers and integrators to bring UPS anywhere, for uninterrupted power everywhere.

CyberLock logo.jpg 

CyberLock 1.jpg 

ValidiKey 20 Vault

CyberLock Inc.
Booth 2214
Security, Key Control, Access Control, Cabinet Locks, Electronic Locks
The ValidiKey 20 Vault functions as a stand-alone system, or can be scalable, so that numerous vaults can communicate with larger/multiple sites. The Vault reads the ID of most unencrypted 13.56 MHz RFID cards, stores 20 CyberKeys, and recharges keys while in the vault. Well designed for medium- to large-scale facilities.


CyberLock 2.jpg 

CyberKey Blue 2

CyberLock Inc.
Booth 2214
Security, Key Control, Access Control, Security Management, Wireless
CyberKey Blue 2 offers dual mode classic or Bluetooth low energy options. The smart key features expanded memory that contains encrypted access codes, a list of up to 12,000 locks it may access, and the ability to record up to 12,000 key events. Android and iOS compatible. 

 Dahua logo.jpg

Dahua 1.jpg 

2MP Network AI Camera

Dahua Technology USA
Booth 4145
Video Surveillance, IP Video Cameras, IP Video Surveillance Cameras, Intelligent  -  Deep Learning Products, AI
Dahua’s 2MP network AI camera brings Deep Learning technology to video surveillance. Advanced algorithms allow the device to learn on its own as it quickly extracts and processes data. By continually improving pattern analysis and classification, the camera outputs powerful and efficient traffic data collection, facial analysis, and heat mapping.

Garner logo.jpg 

Garner 1.jpg 

Mobile Destruction Unit

Garner Products
Booth 2242
Data Security
The Mobile Destruction Unit brings NSA listed data elimination and data destruction products into your data center. IRONCLAD allows you to have chain-of-custody control with an audit worthy proof of destruction from the moment the drive is removed from the rack. Proof of destruction report can be downloaded into any desired format. Eliminates any possibility of data loss or misplacement—it is sanitized before it leaves  the room.

Hanwha logo.jpg 

Hanwha 1.jpg 


Hanwha Techwin
Booth 3523
Security, Video Surveillance Technologies, Video Surveillance, IP Video Cameras, Multi-Sensor Camera
The new PNM-9081VQ camera is available with 20MP (four 5MP sensors) resolution. It features motorized varifocal lenses for easy and remote adjustment; built in license-free video analytics; high frame rate of 30fps (20MP); and 120dB Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for highly contrasted lighting environments. The PNM-9081VQ was introduced this month.

HES logo.jpg 

HES 1.jpg 

HES 1500/1600 Series Electric Strike Platform

HES, an ASSA ABLOY group brand
Booth 3203
Access Control, Devices, Peripherals
The HES 1500/1600 Series Electric Strike Platform delivers field configurable options compatible with all cylindrical or mortise locks with up to a 3/4” latchbolt. Interchangeable faceplates and accessories make stocking and installing easier. The low-profile design ensures the aesthetics of the electric strike complement surrounding door hardware.

HID logo.jpg 

HID 1.jpg 

HID Location Services

HID Global
Booth 3009
Life Safety, Access Control, Cloud-based Software, Internet of Things
HID Location Services enables organizations to analyze building and room usage to optimize facility management and operational efficiency, while also monitoring valuable assets and the health of equipment. The zone-based real-time location services are powered by innovative IoT technology, Bluetooth Low Energy and cloud-based solutions that simplify installation and lower infrastructure costs.


HID 2.jpg 


HID Global
Booth 3009
Security, Cloud-based Software, ID, Printers, Card Issuance
HID FARGO Connect is a cloud-based secure issuance solution that combines printers, software, consumables, and services to eliminates the need to manage ID personalization/issuance through a local computer.  The subscription-based service enables customers to securely issue cards from anywhere and any device via a simple web interface.

 Hikvision logo.jpg

Hikvision 1.jpg 

iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S DeepInMind NVR

Hikvision USA
Booth 3703
Intelligent — Deep Learning Products
Deep Learning technology algorithms are the latest innovation in video image analysis systems. Hikvision leads the way in implementing these algorithms in its new iDS-9632NXI-I8/16S DeepInMind NVR. This NVR includes a high speed GPU that processes video data at tremendous speed to isolate detection of human subjects, significantly improving video analysis accuracy and therefore reliability. False alarms from non-human subjects (animals, vehicles, moving trees, changing lighting) are eliminated to improve accuracy of alarms to a tested rate of above 90%.

LifeSafety logo.png 

LifeSafety 1.jpg 

Unified Wired™

LifeSafety Power, Inc.
Booth 1341
Power Connectivity
Unified Wired™ Systems offer end users the highest level of integration between power and access by “unifying” both systems into “one” pre-wired, plug-and-play UL certified power enclosure. Pre-configured Mercury and Software-House models save integrators significant installation time and include options for access dashboard integration, network monitoring, and remote managed services.


Medeco 2.jpg 

Medeco XT SPC Secure Programming and Charging Device

Booth 3203
Security, Key Control, Access Control, Wireless
The Medeco XT SPC is a innovative 16-gauge metal key cabinet that ensures XT electronic keys are securely stored, charged, and individually locked in place. Keys are ready for use when needed. Key assignment is made with a barcode scanner so there is full audit of key removal and return. Can also secure mechanical keys for greater versatility.


Medeco 3.jpg 

Medeco XT AIM (Access Interface Module)

Booth 3203
Security, Lighting, Security Management, Wireless, Outdoor Perimeter Security
The Medeco XT Access Interface Module—known as “AIM”—allows users to insert their Medeco XT key into the module’s port to trigger actions in other systems. Using both authorized and unauthorized event conditions, users can unlock doors with electric strikes or maglocks, initiate video cameras, and bring attention to unauthorized events by triggering access control or alarm panels.

Princeton logo.jpg 

Princeton 1.jpg 

IOM Access200™

Princeton Identity
Booth 2847
Access Control, Physical Security, Biometrics, Iris Recognition
The new IOM Access200™ from Princeton Identity is a superior biometric solution that is changing the security market. The Access200™ effortlessly processes identification with a quick glance at any point of entrance where secure access is needed. Known to be quick, convenient, and intuitive, this multimodal recognition technology reduces breeches and increases the level of protection to become one of the most accurate and secure ways for identity management.

Quantum logo.jpg 

Quantum 1.jpg 


Quantum Corp.
Booth 4170
Video Surveillance Storage
With data storage becoming a more fundamental element in video surveillance systems, StorNext® 6 file system adds new advanced data management features to the industry-leading streaming performance of the company’s scale-out tiered storage solutions portfolio, which includes flash, disk, tape and public and private cloud storage offerings.

Securitron logo.jpg 

Securitron 1.jpg 

Securitron M680E with EcoMag Technology

Securitron, an ASSA ABLOY Group brand
Booth 3203
The Securitron M680E series delivers intelligence, style and convenience, with up to 80% reduction in energy consumption over the previous M680 series. Increased dynamic holding force and a new strike plate mounting template decreases installation time and ensures perfect alignment, making the M680E EcoMag the most advanced maglock available.

 Senstar logo.png

Senstar 1.jpg 

Senstar LM 100

Booth 4296
Security, Perimeter Fence, Lighting
The Senstar LM100 is the world’s first intelligent perimeter lighting and sensing solution. Combining two key security functions in one cutting-edge product, the LM100 acts as a powerful deterrent against intruders, detecting and illuminating them at the fence line while alerting a security management system.

 SpotterRF logo.jpg

SpotterRF 1.jpg 

SpotterRF A3500 Counter-Drone Radar

Booth 601
Intrusion/Detection/Prevention, Critical Infrastructure Security, Beyond the Perimeter Security, Radar Surveillance, Counter-UAV
The A3500 is a textbook sized, solid state radar that tracks people, vehicles, boats and drones with a coverage area of more than 200 football fields, while consuming only 20 Watts of power. The A3500 can be mounted anywhere on existing infrastructure using standard Ethernet cabling, dramatically decreasing installation costs.


Traka 1.jpg 

Medeco XT Charging Receptor Strip

Booth 3203
Key Control, Security Management, Access Control, Building Management, Process Management
Traka’s new Medeco XT Receptor Strip provides organizations the opportunity to secure, charge and audit the use of their XT keys directly from Traka key management systems. Each XT key is secured to an intelligent Traka iFob, which can be locked into place, charged, and only released to authorized users.​

 UrgentLink logo.jpg

UrgentLink 1.jpg 

UrgentLink Disaster Communications Network

UrgentLink LLC
Booth 1053
Emergency Notification, Emergency Communication, Emergency Management, Critical Infrastructure Security, Command and Control Center
Communications are the Achilles heel of disaster response. The UrgentLink Network sets a new disaster communications standard for ensuring continuity of operations, while protecting emergency personnel and the public. Its Beyond Line of Sight HF technology bypasses local communications networks to maintain connectivity with first responders and other assets inside the disaster area when land lines, cellular networks, satellite phones, and internet connections fail.

 Vintra logo.jpg

Vintra 1.jpg 

Visual Intelligence Solution (VIS)

Vintra, Inc.
Booth 3968
Security, Software, Video Analytics, Video Surveillance Technologies, Video Intelligence
Vintra’s Visual Intelligence Solution is next-generation video content analytics software that is a force multiplier for forward-thinking security professionals. This AI-powered, continuously learning, cloud-based technology reduces video review time by 75%+. It delivers the industry’s first fixed and mobile surveillance analytics solution, providing entirely new levels of video search capabilities without costly hardware commitments.​